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Lim-mont d.o.o.

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LIM-MONT d.o.o. is a company from Vrbanovec. It was incorporated in 1975. From a small sheet-metal shop we have grown into a company with 180 employees spreading on 135.000 m2 of manufacturing and warehousing space in two locations: Vrbanovec and Ludbreg.

Our development is a result of a continuous improvement and modernization of our production and of the organisation of the processes within the company. We have put emphasis on the quality of our products, the velocity and flexibility of our production.

The company manufactures sheet metal and insulation products, such as stainless steel sheet flue pipes, insulated sheet-metal panels, containers, ventilation systems, EPS (styrofoam), rockwool sleeves, profiled metal sheets...

The quality of LIM-MONT products is recognized across the national borders because most of our products are exported to EU countries, Switzerland, Russia and other countries in the region. Our products have all the necessary certificates. We are a leading manufacturer of stainless steel sheet flue liners and insulated sheet-metal panels in Croatia.