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Limopor EPS Styrofoam

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Limopor EPS Styrofoam

Limopor EPS Styropor : Limopor EPS Styrofoam


Mostly used in building construction. Styrofoam has proven to be an extremely good thermal insulation material which keeps the heat inside a building, i.e. reduces energy dissipation.

In winter it keeps the heat inside a building, whereas in summer it doesn't allow heat to penetrate into air-conditioned buildings. It is an extremely good decorative material.


Styrofoam is difficult to ignite (flammability class - B1), and if ignited, does not emit harmful gases. Water absorption of styrofoam is small, so its thermal insulation properties do not deteriorate.

It is ecologically acceptable. It does not form mold and it does not rot. It does not dissipate, it is easily recyclable, does not contain fluorinated and chlorinated hydrocarbons, does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, it is harmless for people and the environment. These properties together with its convenient price make it the most common thermal insulation material.

LIM-MONT manufactures styrofoam under the commercial name of LIMOPOR EPS, and as such it meets all the HRN EN 13163 requirements.