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Sheet metal of all types and dimensions

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Sheet metal of all types and dimensions

Bleche aller Arten und Dimensionen : Sheet metal of all types and dimensions


Sheet metal work is always needed, be it for industrial or household use, as a basic element or accessory. A variety of sheet metal dimensions and material type perfectly match our flue products as well as other product lines.

The manufacturing quality guarantees the functionality of our sheet metal products. In addition, thanks to their appearance they belong to a group of modern materials. There is a variety of dimensions, colours and thicknesses (see our catalogue) so that it is not difficult to choose the right product that meets your requirements.

LIM-MONT offers the following sheet metal products:

  • - galvanized sheet metal
  • - galvanized coloured sheet metal
  • - galvanized plastic-coated sheet metal
  • - aluminium sheet metal
  • - aluminium coloured sheet metal
  • - copper sheet metal
  • - INOX sheet metal (ASTM 316 and 304 quality)
  • - HV sheet metal (cold rolled)
  • - other materials .

We cut sheet metal coils and plasma cutting with a CNC machine for you.

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