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Lüftung : Ventilation

Use of ventilation

For ventilation and air conditioning of rooms. Rectangular and round components are available.


Ventilation components are made according to European standards,using first quality material. They are custom made. The system ensures a safe and easy assembly.

They are divided into:

  • C1   - Ventilation ducts (square and rectangular) and fittings
  • C2   - Ventilation ducts (round) and fittings
  • C21  -Ventilation aspiration components
  • C3   - Noise dampers, anti-vibration elements and rain gratings
  • C4   - Ventilation assembly elements and fittings
Lüftung : Ventilation : Flat ductFlat duct
Lüftung : Ventilation : Tee fitting Type ATee fitting Type A
Lüftung : Ventilation : 4-segment aspiration elbow 90 4-segment aspiration elbow 90
Lüftung : Ventilation : SB 30 ProfileSB 30 Profile
Lüftung : Ventilation : Suspension for SB 20_fittingSuspension for SB 20_fitting